Your Successful Application to U.S. Universities, with Funding

EDMERICA Summer School: Date To Be Confirmed

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Five days of U.S. university excitement in four smart steps, with U.S.-trained experts in the American university system and admission who will invite you on a hunt for academic treasures through U.S. campus activities in scenic Moeciu.

How does that sound?

Are you ready to join EDMERICA and discover the beauty of U.S. education and its major impact on your personal development?

Together we’ll explore strategies for planning your powerful application and acing the admission process. In our inspirational and cosy learning environment, with creative problem-solving activities, U.S. educational challenges and fun tasks rounded off by U.S. culture clubs in the evening, you’ll become admissions savvy and develop a success-oriented approach.

Just what you need to maximize your chances of attracting admission and financial aid from a U.S. university!

This intensive training program is for you…

…if you’re in high school – especially if you’re in grades 10 and 11 – or a recent graduate. Read on if you want to learn about the exceptional study opportunities in the USA and begin working for your admission to U.S. undergraduate study. How? Through a powerful application package and a can-do approach, of course :)

During our five days together we’ll discuss the following and more:

  • Intro to U.S. higher education: holistic admission, top academic standards, personalized curriculum, liberal arts education, student focus, professors as mentors and comprehensive campus support;
  • The admission puzzle, both art and complex process: who gets in and why;
  • Finding the perfect university after guided self-assessment, smart self-marketing (no humblebraggers here!) and navigating college rankings and available majors;
  • The compelling application package: how to stand out in the pool of applicants;
  • Essay writing must do’s: what the 650 word-essay can do for you and towards maximizing your chances for admission and funding;
  • Powerful recommendation letters: strategies and best practices;
  • Extracurriculars and the well-rounded student;
  • Developing an application timeline that can make or break your application; milestones and your support system;
  • U.S. study on a scholarship: types of funding, toolkit for you and your parents;
  • Romanian success stories of academic achievement and personal fulfillment on the U.S. campus, both reached with massive financial support from U.S. universities.

Practical details: in development