Insider Webinars – Starting April 2018!

For the past two summers, we’ve enjoyed organizing Insider Webinars for our advisees. The Insider Webinars are our special series of online workshops for students pursuing personalized counseling for their U.S. applications with EDMERICA.

This year we’re bringing them back with two twists!

  1. We’re doing 15 sessions, instead of 10.
  2. And we’re starting them in the spring rather than the summer.

This is a great time to work on your U.S. application, test prep and extracurriculars!

Together we’ll work on a smart and easy to follow game plan. Everyone’s plan is different in terms of priorities and activities, but the end goal is the same – admissions and funding at a top U.S. school – and it’s great to get to know other applicants. Over the years we’ve had many steadfast friendships start like that :)

The Insider Webinars cover the following topics in 90-minute sessions, offered online, and available as a recording to those who can’t attend a particular session – to our applicants who come from all over the country:

  1. Expectations, Ethics and SMART Goals (Four Steps to U.S. Admissions)
  2. What Does Every Part of the App Do?
  3. Liberal Arts Campus Culture & Types of U.S. Universities
  4. Evaluate Your Extracurricular Activities & The Common App Activities section
  5. SATs, TOEFL, IELTS: Tests, Scores, Prep
  6. Research & Create Your Short-Term  Extracurriculars Action Plan
  7. Types of Funding for U.S. Study & How to Apply
  8. Creating a Student Budget
  9. Strategic School Selection: Dream School, Criteria & Methods
  10. Marketing Yourself to U.S. Universities & The Art of the Email
  11. Admissions Essays: Role & Strategies
  12. Recommendations: Where & How to Get Great Letters
  13. The Common Application
  14. Mock Admissions Committee
  15. Wrap Up and Personalized Activities Plan

The first session is scheduled for Monday April 16, 5 PM.